Baudette Grand Theater
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: "The website I went to listed a different movie and showtime!"

A: If you search for 'baudette movies', 'baudette movie theater', 'movies baudette', or similar combination, you're going to get a lot of choices. The ONLY website under our control is I have no idea where those other websites get their information and have no control over the information they show. This is the only website we control and all information is entered by the Managers.

Q: "Why do you keep movies for two or three weeks!?"

A: The short answer is: "Because we have to." The movie companies dictate the terms of the movie and don't take into account that the theater is in a county with 4,000 people, 60 miles from the next closest theater. The vast majority of theaters in the US are multi-screen in large population areas. If we are opening a nationwide release, we usually have to keep it three weeks. If we're lucky, only two.

Q: "Why don't you list what movie is coming at least a week or two in advance?"

A: Quite often we don't know until Monday morning what movie is playing Friday. We're a small theater in a low population area. We try to get newer movies people want to see, but we are limited to what is available. Our choices should improve since our switch to digital projection.

Q: "Why don't you just show two different movies during the week?"

A: We will do this when we can, but again, the movie companies dictate the terms. Quite often a movie cannot be shown on the same screen as a movie from another company. Because we only have one screen, we are limited.

Q: "Why do you show so many 'kid' shows?"

A: Simple...people go to them. The Grand Theater is a non-profit organization, but we still have to pay the bills. Kid shows are popular even if we have to keep them two weeks. With the exception of 'Twilight', 'Harry Potter' and a number of very popular movies, any kid show will be better attended than adult shows.

Q: "Why are ticket prices so high!"

A: Comparatively, our ticket prices are low. We are trying hard to keep the fun of going to a movie reasonably affordable. The Theater must pay the movie companies a percentage of ticket sales. This can be anywhere from 30% to 75% or higher. If the movie is poorly attended, we are charged a minimum fee of $150 to $350.

Q: "Why are concession prices so high!"

A: That's how the Theater pays the bills. Except for the percentage of the ticket sales we get to keep, the concessions are what pays for heat, electricity, supplies, wages, and everything else needed to keep the Theater running.

Q: "Why can't I bring food from home?"

A: See the previous Q & A.

Q: "Why don't you accept credit cards?"

A: The main reason is the cost. There are transaction costs, as well as equipment costs, associated with processing credit cards. Again, we are all about trying to keep the cost of doing business as low as possible and we transfer those savings to you, the customer.